Friday, April 10, 2015

A New Route to Learning

This past week in honors history 10 we took a different route to learn about the Civil War battles...literally. Our class held a scavenger hunt to take notes, here's how we did it: After each student got assigned a battle, we divided up and researched, each making a google doc about our assigned battles as we went. For homework that night we each made and printed out a and a QR code to our docs so that our classmates would be able to scan and view them. The next day we hid our codes all around the school and made sure to write where the next code as located so our classmates would know where to go. Then, we were off!

At each battle stop, students used the QR codes to scan in and take notes about the battle from the docs. By the time we finished, we all had notes on the theater, victor, and main reasons for each battle, and we got to have fun!

After the scavenger hunt, we got back came back as a class to regroup and analyze all of the information we had just taken down. First we looked at this really great, interactive map to get down some more notes, then we turned to padlet to share the conclusions each of us had drawn. By the end of class, it became clear that the Union army dominated both the naval and western theaters. The Union army also came to win in the east, but it took a period of Confederate dominance before they gained the leadership they needed to win.

At the close of the civil war in 1865, the Union army was victorious. This makes sense, as throughout the war they dominated most if not all theaters. In naval battles, the Union had more resources than the confederates, so it was easier for them to come by sea. Oftentimes they were able to surround the confederates with their ships. In the western theater, the union dominated because they outnumbered the confederates. In the east, it was sort of a different least in the beginning. Disorganized and lacking leadership, the union army fell to the confederate army at the beginning if the war. But as they gained leadership and military strategy, they were able to rise back on top.

Also, make sure to check out my scavenger stop for an example!  After scanning in with the QR code, my classmates were able to take down my notes on the Surrender of Fort Donelson, Tennessee.

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