Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Why the South Had No Chance Winning the Civil War

Every American knows the story of the civil war: the courageous North fought the racist South for the abolishment of slavery and were celebrated as heroes when they won. But not everyone knows the details behind the story. Nobody ever talks about how the North had the upper hand from the start; how they made up 2/3 of American citizens and manufactured over 50% of American goods. Nobody talks about how the South never wanted to start fighting; how they just wanted to defend the laws they had been practicing their whole lives.

In Honors History 10, we studied the causes of the Civil War and what impacted its outcome. Check out this info graphic I made on, explaining how initial differences between the North and South affected each sides strategies and stance in the Civil War. Most of the stats used in the info graphic were gathered from analyzing railroad maps and a document titled "Slavery by the Numbers".

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